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Lärmschutz & Akustik GmbH
Morellstraße 33
86159 Augsburg

Telefon    +49 (821) 3 47 79 - 0

Telefax    +49 (821) 3 47 79 - 55



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BEKON Noise Protection & Acoustics Ltd has been operating since 1995 as an independent consulting and planning company in the soundproofing, acoustics, workplace noise protection, machinery acoustics, vibration technology, building physics and immission control fields.

Projects are carried out in close cooperation with our customers and public authorities in order to provide time and cost effective solutions.

We regard ourselves as partners, helping you to find solutions to problems involving sound and vibration. Not only do we work out expert reports, but also provide proposals for solutions of noise and vibration reduction plans, lists of appropriate suppliers and prepare texts for professional tendering.
For urban planning we compile clearly arranged appraisal documentation as a immission control basis for efficient preparation of plans and proposals as well as an environment report.

Qualifications of BEKON Noise Protection & Acoustics Ltd:

BEKON Noise Protection & Acoustics Ltd is officially recognized by authorities for performing measurements for the determination of sound emissions and immissions according to § 26 of the Federal Immission Protection Law.
Participation in revision of DIN 18005 “Noise Protection in Urban Development” with the German Standards Committee
Software development for sound insulation of buildings according to German Industrial Standard “DIN 4109”
Software development (BETOPWIN) for determination and analysis of sound data according to German Industrial Standard "TA-Lärm"
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